What is powerapps-modals?

What is powerapps-modals?

Building fast modals in PowerApps journey starts here!

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Table of contents

  • Overview
  • Why?
  • Roadmap
  • Installation
  • How to use?


powerapps-modals gives you the tool to build attractive modals in Model-driven apps fast & easy. You just need to configure the modal configuration and start calling it from your client code.




Click here to see the roadmap of powerapps-modals


Go to this link and download the latest release managed zip file, and then install it in your environment

How to use?

  1. Install the zip files in your environment
  2. Prepare your Json
    "icon": "success",//warning //error
    "labels": [
      { "text": "Activation Succeeded", "type": "h1" },
        "text": "Enter customer name and email to submit the request to the next stage",
        "type": "h2",
    "inputs": [
        "id": "customername", //used to get the value when the modal object is returned
        "label": "Customer Name",
        "id": "customeremail",
        "label": "Customer Email",
    "buttons": [
        "id": "button-cancel", //used to know what button was clicked, retunred with modal return object
        "label": "Cancel",
        "type": "white", //blue //red
        "id": "button-submit",
        "label": "Submit",
        "type": "blue",
  1. Call it from your script
  let pageInput: Xrm.Navigation.PageInputHtmlWebResource = {
    pageType: "webresource",
    webresourceName: "vite_/viteapps/pages/modals.html",
    data: JSON.stringify(modalJsonObject), //modalJsonObject, pass your json object here
  let navigationOptions: Xrm.Navigation.NavigationOptions = {
    target: 2, // 2 is for opening the page as a dialog.
    width: 400, // default is px. can be specified in % as well.
    height: 500, // default is px. can be specified in % as well.
    position: 1, // Specify 1 to open the dialog in center; 2 to open the dialog on the side. Default is 1 (center).
    title: "Record activation modal", //recommended to enter title here
  Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo(pageInput, navigationOptions).then(
    function success(returnedValues) {
        Return values object comes in the below format
          inputs:object //holds the inputs and what the user filled them in with, you can get them by using the input id as the identifier
          clickedButton:string // the id of the button the user clicked

        for the above example you can get your inputs like the below
      let clickedButton = returnedValues.clickedButton; //if the user clicked on submit button it will return "button-submit"
      let customerName = returnedValues.inputs["customername"]; //returns what user filled in the customer name input
      let customerEmail = returnedValues.inputs["customeremail"]; //returns what user filled in the customer email input
    function error(e) {
      // Handle errors

That's it :)

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