State management simplified with zustand

State management simplified with zustand

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Table of contents

  • Creating your data store
  • Use the store hook in your component
  • Get the store data in the getOutputs method

zustand is a small, fast and scalable state management package that you can use with your react applications, it can be used as your data store within your PCF control.


Github link

Live Demo here

Below are the benefits of using it,

  1. Bundle size is 1.17 kb!
  2. Avoid props inheritance between your components
  3. Simplify the functions implementations for maintaining data across the control.
  4. Provides hooks to use the data store which handles re-renders
  5. Store can be called outside functional components

    In our case in index.ts to get data in the getOutputs method

Check how to use it below,

Creating your data store

After initiating your control, create your store

//if you're using typescript, it would be better to set the type of the store
type PcfState= {
  vars: any[]; //data object
  add: (newVar: any) => void; //add function
  set: (vars: any[]) => void; //set function
  update: (_var: any) => void; //update function
  remove: (schema: number) => void; //remove function
  clear: () => void; //clear function
// the store below, holds the data objects and the functions related
const usePcfStore = create<PcfState>((set, get) => ({
  vars: [],
//get().vars returns the current state of vars array
//set() sets the state of the store properties
  add: (newVar: any) => set({ vars: [...get().vars, newVar] }),
  set: (vals: any) => set({ vars: vals }),
  update: (_var: any) =>
      vars: get() any) => {
        if ( === {
          _obj = _var;
        return _obj;
  remove: (id: number) =>
      vars: get().vars.filter((x) => !== id),
  clear: () => set({ vars: [] }),
export default useVarsStore;

Use the store hook in your component

const { add, set, vars, remove, update } = usePcfStore();

You can easily use the data store functions just like that


and you get the data object like that

let _obj = vars; //just like that


Get the store data in the getOutputs method


//easy as this!
public getOutputs(): IOutputs {
    return {
      bindProperty : usePcfStore.getState().vars

Hope this makes it easier for you in your PCF development.

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