Process & visualize Dynamics 365 marketing data

Process & visualize Dynamics 365 marketing data

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When Marketing emails and journeys are active, you start seeing the analytics in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, like the below image.png The analytics are not stored in Dataverse they're stored in the marketing insights service database, thus if you are willing to process your data or visualize it you need to export it.

There is a connector from Microsoft that syncs Marketing data to Azure blob storage, you can do something like the below PowerBI report image.png In the above example, the report has a filtering feature to show analytics based on domains, companies and products to see which companies are interested in what product.

Imagine building a canvas app, where you display a contact, profile pic and his/her marketing data interactions!

In order to sync data with Azure blog storage follow the below steps,

  1. From the Azure portal, create an azure storage account
  2. From containers, create a new container image.png
  3. Click "Shared access tokens"
  4. Set the token settings, most important to have access to read and list permissions image.png
  5. Click generate and then copy the "blob SAS URL"
  6. Go to Dynamics 365 for Marketing app
  7. From settings click on the Analytics configuration image.png
  8. Create a new record and set the copied SAS Url generated to "Export to blob storage URL" column
  9. You will see the record created and configured image.png
  10. Data will start to be synced to the container you created and you will be able to see tables like the below image.png


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